About us

About us


was founded in 1992 in response to a growing need for high quality, reliable cell culture products.  Located only minutes from McGill University’s biosphere reserve, WISENT Inc. concentrates on supplying its customers with products for life sciences, adapted to today’s stringent requirements and prepared according to the highest technical standards.  Quality assurance is achieved through its rigorous quality control program, integrated at all stages of manufacture.  Among the many users of WISENT Inc. products, one can count a growing number of leading research laboratories and companies worldwide.

At WISENT Inc., our policy is to constantly and quickly provide our customers with superior quality products and at an affordable price.

Our teams of Continuous Improvement and R&D are constantly working to improve the quality of our processes, aiming to go beyond customer expectations.  We strongly encourage our customers to contact our Technical Support and Customer Service at any time, as we are dedicated to assist you and answer all your questions.

WISENT Inc. Canadian Research and Development in Cell Culture

AS A CANADIAN COMPANY, the goal of WISENT Inc. is to invest in research and development in Canada.  Since its foundation, the company has continuously committed investment in its Canadian facility at the forefront of technology.  Underlying the after sale service capability of WISENT Inc. is a dedication to the understanding of the effects of various cell media upon cellular events.  The company has now positioned itself to work closely with researchers from various institutions in the field of cell culture and WISENT Inc. is confident that this approach will result in the development of new Canadian products.  The present efforts exemplify the need to exert more stringent quality control and to advance developments of the processes used in cell culture. 

Among the many product users WISENT, you can count on a growing number of research laboratories and high-level biotechnology companies around the world.  WISENT Inc is your key partner to success in the global scientific community.

WISENT Inc.’s Commitment to Quality in Cell Culture Solutions

YOUR CHOICE of cell culture media is of highest importance for the outcome of your results. WISENT Inc. believes that close collaboration with its customers is the only way to obtain reliable results, which is why we listen carefully to your needs while anticipating future needs.  This global vision has led to a series of new programs and products offered by the company. At WISENT Inc., we design quality and reliable products to support your work.

Our knowledge of cell culture allows us to select the most appropriate products for your needs and to consistently provide you with high quality products.  Extensive testing ensures that our products are not a source of contamination or a source of toxins. In addition, WISENT Inc. offers the best range of customized products for life sciences, and in our opinion, the only one who is completely reliable. Our quest is to accelerate scientific research innovations and technologies, in order to increase knowledge in the field of life sciences.

The success of WISENT Inc. is based on our passion, sense of urgency and intellectual curiosity. We will always strive for excellence and act with unwavering integrity in everything we do, since our main goal has always been and will continue to be our commitment to quality.