311-716 CL – Hepes Buffered Saline (HBS) with Calcium & Magnesium, 1X, 500 ml


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Technical data formulation: 311-716
CoA: 311716014 311716015 311716016

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Hepes Buffered Saline (HBS) with Calcium & Magnesium, 1X, STERILE

HEPES is widely used in cell culture to neutralize the complex proteins in growth medium that may inactivate trypsin during trypsinization. It is sometime used as an alternative to tris-(hydroxymethyl)aminoethane (Tris) for hydrogen-ion buffering of algal cultures.

HEPES buffered saline is a tissue culture buffer, which is used to maintain the pH of cell culture. It is water soluble and atmosphere independent. HEPES destroys magnesium in sodium chloride solutions.

HEPES buffered saline has been used for the preparation of plasmid DNA, as a reagent to prepare transfection master mix for DNA construct vectors and to develop hydrogel precursor for cell leakage assay and more.