800-010 DG – Agar Bacteriological grade,10Kg


CoA: 800150031 800150032
Safety data sheet: 800-150-EN

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Agar, Bacteriological is a gelifying agent used for the cultivation of microorganisms in a laboratory setting. Agar is a phycocolloid composed of 70% agarose and 30% agaropectin, and extracted from red-purple algae, mostly Gelidium spp. In this product, the naturally occurring pigments, salts, and miscellaneous matter have been reduced to a minimum. Agar is a gel at room temperature and remains firm at temperatures up to 65 ºC. In order to gelify, agar must be dissolved, heated to its melting temperature (85-91ºC) and cooled down to 34-37ºC.