809-030 IL – Proteinase K Solution 20mg/ml, 5mL


CoA: 809030039 809030040
Safety data sheet: 809-030-EN

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Proteinase K, 20 mg/ml Solution, STERILE

Proteinase K from the fungus Engyodontium album is a non-specific serine protease that is useful for general digestion of proteins. It is used for the removal of endogenous nucleases during the preparation of DNA and RNA; preparation of tissue sections for in situ hybridization. Proteinase K catalyzes the hydrolysis of esters and peptide bonds. It is used with non-aqueous hydrated solvents for synthesizing peptides. Proteinase K is used to break the cross-linking that develops secondary to formalin fixation and expose the target sequence for primers and polymerase.

Contents & Storage

Storage conditions: -20° C
Shipping conditions: on dry ice
Shelf life: 12 months from date of manufacture