809-163 LL – EDTA 0,5M pH 8,0 Solution 1X, 1L


CATALOG NUMBER: 809-163 LL Categories , ,
Technical data formulation: 809-163
CoA: 809163043 809163041 809163046
Safety data sheet: 809-163-EN

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EDTA 0.5M pH 8.0 Solution, 1X

Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) is a hydrophilic metal chelating agent used in many enzyme buffers and, at higher concentrations, as an enzyme.  inactivator. EDTA solution can be used to study cell biology, molecular biology, bioactive small molecules, biochemicals, inorganic salts, chelators and more.

Contents & Storage
Storage conditions: 15 to 30°C 
Shipping conditions: Ambient
Shelf life:  18 months from date of manufacture