301-085- Adipo Max Kit


Technical data formulation: 301-086 AdipoMAX
CoA: 301086013 301085013
Safety data sheet: 301-085-EN 301-086-EN

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Wisent has recently developed Adipo MAX; a cell culture media system that supports the growth and the expansion of Adipocytes. Wisent Adipo MAX Cell Culture System is supplied in a format that contains the basal medium (Adipo Max Medium cat: 301-085-CL), a sterile liquid culture medium, and the frozen supplement (Adipo MAX cat: 301-086-XL), which contains hormones and growth factors. FBS and antibiotics should also be added according to the percentage needed to culture the cells properly. We suggest 5% FBS (FBS Premium Grade Australian Origin catalogue number 085150) , 50µg/ml of Gentamycin (Catalogue number 450-135-XL)  and 2.5µg/ml of Amphotericin B (Catalogue number 450-105-QL) .


301-085 CL
301-086 XL