801-200 DR-Advanced DNA Fast Extract Kit 400 reactions


CATALOG NUMBER: 801-200 DR Category
Technical data formulation: 801-200 DNA EXTRACT KIT
Safety data sheet: 801-200-EN

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Wisent Advanced DNA Fast Extract Kit combines rapid DNA extraction with fast, highly specific DNA amplification in a convenient, easy to use format. Also, it eliminates the need for laborious and time-consuming DNA extraction methods with this simple, integrated extraction and amplification PCR kit powered by the latest advances in hot-start polymerase technology. Wisent Advanced DNA Fast Extract Kit has been developed for fast, efficient amplification of DNA from a variety of tissues and is particularly suited to solid tissue such as mouse tail or mouse ear. Sample processing is simplified and contamination risks minimised as DNA extraction is performed in a single tube, removing the need for multiple washing steps. Extracted DNA is amplified in a proprietary buffer system using HS-Red Taq Mix. Our antibody hot-start polymerase uses the latest developments in polymerase technology and buffer chemistry to enhance PCR speed, yield and sensitivity. Primer-dimer formation and non-specific amplification are prevented giving superior specificity ideal for complex templates such as mammalian genomic DNA. HS-Red Taq Mix contains a red tracking dye for direct loading on agarose gels. 400 reactions

OUR KIT CONTAINS:  400 rxns 

 5 x Fast Extract Buffer A –   5*1.6ml

10 x Fast Extract Buffer B  –  5*800ul

2 x HS-Red Taq Mix-              10*1.0ml

Contents & Storage
Storage conditions: -20°C 
Shipping conditions: Frozen on dry ice
Shelf life: 5 years from date of manufacture