800-435 XL-Advanced qPCR MasterMix LO-ROX 10 x 1ml


CATALOG NUMBER: 800-135-XL Categories ,
Technical data formulation: 800-435qPCR MASTERMIX LO-ROX
Safety data sheet: 800-435-EN

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ADVANCED mastermix takes advantage of the latest advancements in polymerase technology and uses advanced buffer technology offering market leading performance. The Supergreentm dye does not inhibit PCR, unlike other dyes. The mastermix uses a unique small molecular inhibitor technology that prevents formation of primer dimers. The buffer system allows efficient amplification from GC-rich and AT-rich templates. The product is intended for in vitro research purposes. 10 x 1ml

Contents & Storage

Storage conditions: -20° C
Shipping conditions: dry ice
Shelf life: 48 months from date of manufacture


10 x 1 ml