800-015 LG-Agarose Low EEO, 1Kg


Safety data sheet: 800-015-EN

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Agarose Type D-1 LE Low Electroendosmosis is specifically prepared for the use in electrophoretic studies to analyze DNA fragments from PCR products and digestion by restriction endonucleases, among others. Obtained from seaweeds, mostly Gelidium spp, agarose is a polymer composed of several agarobiose units that aggregate into a network with varying pore sizes. This property is used to separate nucleic acid fragments based on their lengths. Agarose is a gel at room temperature and remains firm at temperatures up to 65 ºC. In order to gelify, agarose must be dissolved, heated to its melting temperature (85-91ºC) and cooled down to 34-37ºC.