002-010- EpiMax Kit for the culture of mammary epithelial cell lines


CoA: 002010030 002010031 002010033
Safety data sheet: 002-010-EN

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Mammary Epithelia Growth media kit (Epi Max ) is a serum free medium optimized for culture of mammary epithelial cell lines. The growth media consists of a basal medium containing growth factors, trace elements and a supplement which contains bovine pituitary extract. The bovine pituitary extract (B.P.E) supplement can also be used for culturing of primary prostate epithelial cells in a serum free medium. When used in conjunction with the three supplements, Epi Max SH: 002-013-IL; Epi Max SA: 002-014-IL and Epi Max SG: 002-015-TL, this media system does not require the addition of antibiotics. The complete medium should be stored in the dark between 2 to 8°C and can be kept for 6 weeks.


002-010 CL
002-013 IL , 002-014 IL , 002-015 TL