022-410 – Human Serum, “AB Off the Clot”, Heat Inactivated, 100mL


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Human Serum, “AB Off the Clot”, Heat Inactivated, USDA approved, STERILE

Human AB off the clot serum is used in tissue engineering, transplantation and cell therapy applications for the expansion of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) from adipose tissue or mesenchymal stromal cells from human bone marrow. It is also used for standardized limbal epithelial stem cell graft generation and transplantation for ex vivo expansion of NK cells from peripheral blood in Hematopoeitic Stem Cell Expansion Medium and for upgrading pretransplant human islet culture technology.

Preparation Note
This product is prepared by heating at 56°C for 30 minutes. Heating serum to 56°C for 30 minutes inactivates the complement system for immunoassays. Heat activation also inactivates other undetermined inhibitors of cell growth in culture.
Analysis Note
  • Endotoxin and hemoglobin tested
  • Tested for the presence of bacteria, virus, and mycoplasma
  • Triple filtered with 0.1 micron membrane under aseptic conditions

Sera category: Human 
• Use for general cell culture with common cell lines
• Endotoxin level: <1 EU/mL
• Hemoglobin level: <50 mg/dL

Contents & Storage

Storage conditions: -20°C
Shipping conditions: Frozen on dry ice
Shelf life: 5 years from date of manufacture

Wisent certifies that each donor unit Human Serum used in the preparation of lot 21030 was tested and found negative (non-reactive) at the donor level for Anti-HCV 3.0,RPR, HBsAg, HIV-1/2, HCV and STS (RPR) by test kits approved by the FDA. This donor unit was also found negative for HIV-1 and HCV by PCR. All donor units are collected in donor centers located in the United States which are licensed by the FDA. All blood products should be handled and considered potentially infectious.

This product is sold for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.