609-055-EL-Lactalbumine hydrolysate Solution 50X 100mL


Technical data formulation: 609-055
CoA: 609055019 609055020
Safety data sheet: 609-055-EN

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Lactalbumine hydrolysate Solution, 50X (166.5g/L), 100 mL, STERILE

As peptones, both Lactalbumin hydrolysate (LAH) and Yeastolate Solution Concentrate (50X) are frequently utilized as nutritional supplements for preparing bacterial, insect and mammalian cell culture, especially as a rich source of amino acids. Together in synergy, they both serve as combinations of amino acids, water-soluble peptides, simple and complex carbohydrates (CHO’s) as well as vitamins.

Contents & Storage
Storage conditions: 2 to 8° C.
Shipping conditions: Ambient.
Shelf life: 12 months from date of manufacture.