316-011 CL – M199 1X with Hanks’ Salts & L-Glutamine. W/O Sodium Bicarbonate 500ml


CATALOG NUMBER: 316-011 CL Categories , ,
Technical data formulation: 316-011
CoA: 316011014
Safety data sheet: 316-011-EN

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Medium 199 ( Modification) with Hanks’ Salts & L-Glutamine. W/O Sodium Bicarbonate, 1X, STERILE

M199 was originally developed for the culture of primary explants. It has broad species applicability, particularly for cultivation of non-transformed cells. M199 is widely used in virology, vaccine production, and in vitro cultivation of primary pancreatic explants and lens tissues. Medium 199 is available with Hanks’ salts for use without  CO2.

Contents & Storage

Storage conditions: 2-8° C
Shipping conditions: Ambient
Shelf life: 18 months from date of manufacture