321-011 EL – MEM Non Essential Amino Acids 100X Solution 100ml


CATALOG NUMBER: 321-011 EL Categories ,
Technical data formulation: 321-011
CoA: 321011086 321011088
Safety data sheet: 321-011-EN

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Minimum Essential Medium Non Essential Amino Acids solution, 100X, STERILE

Minimum Essential Medium (MEM) is one of the most commonly used of all cell culture media. MEM can be used with a variety of suspension and adherent mammalian cells, including HeLa, BHK-21, 293, HEP-2, HT-1080, MCF-7, fibroblasts, and primary rat astrocytes. 

MEM can be supplemented with MEM Non-Essential Amino Acids 100X solution to increase cell growth and viability. The non-essential amino acids include L-alanine, L-asparagine, L-aspartic acid, L-glycine, L-serine, L-proline and L-glutamic acid.

Storage conditions: 2-8° C
Shipping conditions: Ambient
Shelf life: 18 months from date of manufacture