075-110 -Newborn Calf Serum 100mL


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Newborn Calf Serum, USDA approved, STERILE

Newborn Calf Serum is used in a wide range of cell culture and organ preservation applications. It may be used in cornea preservation and cryopreservation of bovine embryos, in cell culture to support the maturation of oocytes, to study the function of tubular epithelial cells and to develop primary cultures of cells such as visceral adipocytes.

Analysis Note
  • Endotoxin and hemoglobin tested

Sera category: Newborn

  • Use for general cell culture with common cell lines
  • Endotoxin level: <10.0 EU/mL
  • Hemoglobin level: <25 mg/dL
  • Age of Calves: Less than 14 days old
Contents & Storage

Storage conditions: -20°C
Shipping conditions: Frozen on dry ice
Shelf life: 5 years from date of manufacture